Friday, July 13, 2012

Sheltering from the heat

I am right now in my office cubie camped out here. This is near the Mexican border and it is very very hot outside so I'd rather not roast in my mini home. It feels like cheating but hey... the airconditioning is on whether I am here or not here. So why not make use of it? Now, I am open about this and I did let my boss know. He's pretty cool and easygoing guy so he doesn't mind.

I am really getting used to living like this. It is easy and once one gets the hang of it, not a problem at all. I know this is mostly guys doing this. I think many of us men are happy sleeping in the woods if society lets us.
I suppose it's when we get a partner in life and she wants the comforts of civilization that we do have to give up a bit of this wild life and settle down into normal city life.

but hey.... as long as I'm single... yo-ho-ho, the vagabond's life for me.
It doesn't even feel like I am homeless anymore.
I suppose it is because I am secure in my finances, no longer worried... and I can eat out more because of the savings. You can't beat living like this IMHO. I see deer walking in the bushes below me... it's awesome.
Today, I had Indian curry from a bottle with some leftover rotisserie chicken --great combo with frozen carrots and a slab of butter --melt that in there and you got heaven in a bowl. Whip out the roti bread and you got yourself a meal. Not contented with that, I even had some Korean rice porridge on the side (the last of a batch I made a while back) . Then some friends and I go to this Japanese restaurant where I have even more curry... It just turned out that way. I had a choice between the curry and some ramen noodles. My curiosity about the Japanese curry won out.

It's been great so far. I cannot wait till winter comes so I can move back into my little home on wheels... or finally get to install my purchased solar panel. We'll see... lots of work to be done in the meantime.

Good night, America!