Monday, July 20, 2015

It's been a year!!!???

My last post was a year ago!
It's been a very busy year for me. Still living out in Asia although I am stateside for 3 months right now just making new business contacts before I submerge again.

Life hasn't gotten better, financially.
Still struggling.
With my parents to look after in the Philippines, my dream of wandering the US in a campervan has been put on hold.
I can only support one household, at a time, anyway.

So if I am half paying for the expenses of the house in the PHilippines, I might as well live ther and consolidate expenses instead of paying for that and maintaining a household Stateside as well.

It's been quite a year. Full of ups and downs. Still alive and still dreaming of the day...

For now, I must content myself with doing a lot of travel when I can and just return to the house to do more work when I should.

It is my hope that you all are doing well and better. I continue to live vicariously through your wonderful posts.

Take care of each other and yourselves!