Friday, October 25, 2013

Signs and Detours in Life

The past 3 months have been really instructional for me.
August was full of disappointments and challenges. Now that I have time to look back, I can see that that's a clear sign that I really ought to not live in an apartment anymore.

It's a slight detour that I am glad to be past now.
Upon my return to the US, I will redouble my efforts to look for a good RV home to call my own.

The signs were all there, I just wasn't looking. Now with hindsight, I can now tell the RV gods have given me all the signs that can be given.

First, I have to take care of my folks and be with them for a while. When they are OK again, then it is time to resume the dream. That was the emergency that pulled me out of apartment living. Here, overseas, owning a stick and brick isn't so bad. There's less hassles and less headaches. I get to taste true freedom for once. When I get back to the USA, then I will resume my RV hunt.

To those on the road enjoying their homes, salud!
Take care and may your travels be safe.


  1. Hi. Rod
    Haven't been here in a while, so just catching up with you. FYI, I really enjoyed your stories about life and the garage.

    Hope you get back to U.S. safe and find the rolling home you want.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  2. Hello Bob! Thanks for dropping by. I hope you are doing well and are in good health. Finding the right rolling home is one of my goals but it is for now a long term one. Short term, I am similar to Steven and I think Diane who are also taking care of loved ones so we don't get to wander too far. Once the folks are stable again, we'll see. I still haven't opened up my solar panel box! I suppose they never rot so it'll wait for me however long along with all my camping gear in storage. It's good to hear from you, Bob! I go on your site every now and then to see what everyone's up to. take care!

  3. Hey good luck finding your new home on wheels!