Monday, February 27, 2012

Home of the Brave

So the other day, an airline pilot wanted announced his mom had a birthday that day on the plane... But the PA system might have been weak, and some people heard "bomb" instead of "mom".
And of course, pandemonium ensues.
I am freaking embarrassed for my own countrymen, I have to say.
Dammit, people should stop being so scared all the time. Ever since that fateful day, this country seems to have stopped being the "home of the brave". Well, my near indifference to terrorism is my way of saying I believe in living the "land of the brave". If the rest of the sheep want to cower, so be it. I have never and will never be afraid. I will fly when I want, where I want. yellow, orange, purple alerts... I never listened nor made plans according to those things. If just hearing the word "bomb" makes them twitch, then I am sorry for them. When you sing that anthem so lustily with that flag waving and fireworks going off, do you believe in those words, or do you just pay empty homage? Your choice, right?

But that said, I can understand, I guess.
This country was brought up insulated from all the terrible things that happen in the world. Which is probably why apocalyptic movies are prime entertainment here. I never understood that appeal, to be frank. I have seen and witnessed true poverty and misery. I have no wish to see it in my entertainment because I am not entertained. It doesn't amuse me to see people being smashed, drowned or killed in great numbers.
Perhaps a lot of people here have been insulated for a long time from the terrible things in the world. No longer, I suppose.
And we should learn from that. And open our eyes to the truth instead of just burying our heads in the sand and pretending nothing is happening.
I always said we should have acted like the Israelis. Bomb? We grieve but, life goes on. We are not terrified or panicked. 
And when you think about it... really think about it... Americans kill more Americans every year through crime and violent acts than any foreign terrorist. Yet we still come out of our homes and drive down freeways..
I guess I'm just tired of hearing this pathetic bleating all the time about terrorism.
I hate to say it, but we all need to grow up a little hardened with experience. If that means exposing ourselves at a young age to suffering of others, maybe that'll instill a solid foundation for a good, moral citizen later on.

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