Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Money on the road

Ah, the sweet vision of a Paypal confirmation!
The beauty of my chosen profession as a graphic artist is I can now do my work from anywhere.
When I began this trip, I really had no inkling I'd get a new job while in transit.
I just trusted to serendipity, the openness of the world and a dose of my own industry to see me through. Not everyone would go trundling off into the great yonder not knowing how they will make their way in the world. But I guess this is something I now share with my fellow wanderers.
Little by little I am becoming as fearless as they are when it comes to tomorrow.
We trust that all will be well and the world will provide.

As my recent experience proved, the world did respond as long as we take the initiative and grab the bull by the horns. I took off not knowing where my next contract will come from. But opportunity comes and thankfully, my eyes were open enough to see it and grab it.
 A good hunk of cheese now sits in my account.
I will savor it and look for more tomorrow as always.

Good night, America!


  1. Huh where were you? He is back and loaded too. ;) LOL good for you. Im still finding my way which way to go money wise.

  2. Buy and have some puto for me with that cheese you earned!

  3. Thanks! Oh, I'm still overseas. I will be here until mid-summer. Probably come back to LA in June.
    Which options are you looking at for your opportunities?
    Take care,


  4. We have puto everyday here at home almost. :) And there are varieties with cheese. :)

  5. Ah yes I hope your family is doing well. I know thats why your there to help out.
    I do crafts....now Im working 12 hour days and thats not leaving me to much time to do them :) My crafts are things you can use everyday like a pouch for your iPod. Of course I do quite other things.....

  6. Sometimes, you just gotta take a chance and go for it. You'll be surprised at how resourceful you can be when the situation demands it.

  7. Indeed! It's why I just took the plunge and went for it.
    It is a challenging way of life, but once you are used to it, I think it's a good way of living. It makes it hard to find a suitable partner since most are still not open to this kind of lifestyle, but I reckon when the time is right, someone will show up.