Friday, January 20, 2012

IN praise of the stick and brick

Well, I can say this for having a permanent house... It is admittedly very comforting knowing you are under a solid roof when you are laid up in bed sick.
I am home... here in my own solid stone house.
I stagger around but the walls and the solid ground are comforting to someone ailing... It's not a bad thing that got me... It's just a nuisance, however, having the gout flare up on you is never fun.
I can imagine what a comfort it is when one is stricken with an even more debilitating illness.

Stay warm everyone, and stay healthy. (I'm on a light diet to remove the gout on my leg)



  1. AAww sick too? Gout I know a little about. Not much but its painful. I got on my right foot when a truck(yes a truck) ran over it. It can be caused by a few things and one is trauma to the area...hence thats why I got it. Painful at times but at least we can walk. Right?

  2. Yes, at least I can still walk... well, limp. But it's ok.
    Indeed, I gotta admit that having a stick and brick does beat being on Great White at times like these...
    Hope you get well soon!

  3. Feel better Rod! However as a quick rebuttal to this post. If you were in your van there would be a minimal of walking involved as everything you need is mostly within arms reach.

  4. I feel much better now. There is more to just being on terra firma, though. On my end, it's being surrounded by people who care for you and cater to your needs while you are sick. "Home" takes on a whole new meaning that way... :)