Friday, January 13, 2012

Member for only one hour

I was a member of Linkedin for only one hour.
I am a very private person and I just hated how this service just spammed me relentlessly. I signed up earlier today and man... the e-mail spams just came in torrents. I shut it down real quick and apologized to everyone whom I unsuspectingly spammed along the way... This is too much networking for me.
I'll use good old fashioned e-mail and handshakes, thank you.
At some point, there's just too much social networking sites you can get on before it overwhelms your life. That one hour with Linkedin was the limit. I am done with these things!
I removed myself and enjoyed peace once again.
Twitter and Facebook are enough, man...
That's my limit.
Too bad for the newer ones. they're just way too aggressive in their "recruiting techniques" now... Bleh. It turns me off... Made me look like a relentless spammer in front of my friends.
I regret it and I publicly apologize for anyone affected by this.

So now... back to normal for me... hopefully.


  1. I know what you mean, I used to have a linken acct but it really did me no good. I love the bllogs and emails. I did surf over after your invite and wonder why I was uinvited LOL
    Did you get out to the RTR?

  2. I just joined when I realized what the dang thing was doing to my e-mail list... It is very disingenuous. It said look for who else is on Linkedin among your e-mail friends. (assuming it would invite only current members) had no idea it intended to spam everyone on my list!
    I was already a victim of this from other people so I hated it when I became like the de facto spammer on their behalf. Well, no more!

    I won't make it to RTR this year. Maybe next. I'm on my way overseas next week (I'm already out here in Los Angeles)
    Were you able to go to RTR?

  3. Just having problems with the blogs. Don't need any other headaches! Thanks for the warning. I'll steer far away from them. Good Luck on your travels. Be well and safe.