Monday, January 16, 2012

A time for Family

Greetings from the teeming streets of Los Angeles!
Boy it is good to be here again, I have to say.
For a week now, I have been visiting with relatives, sharing meals and stories with all... Nothing fancy. Just hanging out, telling tales and sharing fine meals... Simple but wonderful moments.
This is what I want out of my life. To have time for people that I love and cherish.
These are good times... good times.


  1. Glad your having a good time. Although I can't relate with the "family" I know a good time. Be well and safe.

  2. Thanks, Tippy! We'll adopt you, if you like. :) My family's not perfect, but just like our friends, we can still choose who our inner circle should be.

  3. LOL thats cute. Thanks. Your right on the "friends" part. I have friends who I am very close to. They are my family.