Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Sweet Life

It's times like this I really love my life. :)
Today is one of those perfect days.
One of the best things about being able to bring my livelihood wherever I am, I get to enjoy low prices wherever they can be found.

Being in the Philippines is fab, fab, fab... Especially when it comes to going to massage parlors, getting medical or dental work done.
Got a full body today and with accompanying body scrub for the great price of $10. You get a private room with a shower, professional masseur or masseuse... ahhh... this IS life!

My full body work over is coming along at a great pace. I got one tooth fixed and I have a filling to go by end of next month. Dentist is totally pro. He's got 2 assistants, tools get sterilized after every session, top of the line titanium alloy posts if you want a dental implant. (from Japan) Fillings are $70 per tooth. Another sweet bargain. Like!

This time around, I won't need wart removal although those services are also a bargain. And there is no electrolysis involved... just a cream that melts them away. I often wonder why this isn't more popular around the world. It's a best kept secret...

Tonight, I'll be frying up my signature extra crispy spicy chicken tenders to go with some homemade cole slaw.
A perfect end to a fab day!

Good night, America!


  1. Enjoy the moment!! Those chicken tenders sounds good. What spices do you use?

  2. Here is my recipe:
    1 part of regular flour to
    1 part of corn starch
    dried chili flakes *optional
    chicken powder flavor
    pinch of curry
    hot sauce *optional
    garlic powder
    onion powder
    1 egg

    It's been my regular favorite for ages. :) Improved over the years. :) A full order of pure heaven with the cole slaw and mashed potatoes.