Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My aunt's birthday

Well, it's all sunny news again where I am. Comfortably esconced in a country where the exchange rate for the diminishing US dollar is still somewhat decent...
Treated my aunt today to an awesome Chinese restaurant. It was her birthday and she is my fave auntie (almost a second Mum).
Began with an appetizer platter of marinated seaweed, Chinese leg ham, century egg, Chinese sausage and roast pork cutlets.
That was followed by bird's nest soup.
Main dishes were the vegetable chow mein, Red Rickshaw fried noodle (their signature dish) and fried tofu balls in soy sauce with ground shrimp.
To help it all digest well, we had floral green tea. Smooth as silk... It can really put one to sleep especially after such a heavy meal...
Ahh... heaven!

Dinner was simple but awesome. half a homemade white pizza with mushrooms and turkey bacon toppings.
Perfect way to end the day.


  1. Gee man always with the food. LOL. Just kidding. Glad you and Auntie had a good time. Nice thing to do kiddo.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments!
    I hear ya! :)
    Food is one of the many things I like about travel. :) So when given the opportunity, I always indulge. Why else would I free up so much money from apartment dwelling? To enjoy life and to freely pursue happiness wherever it may lie.