Friday, March 30, 2012

Kindness with everyone

I always try to remind myself to be good to everyone I come across.
One can tell a lot about a person when you see them deal with people in everyday life.
It always intrigues me how someone who professes to be a good person would then treat waiters, cab drivers or salespeople with disdain and uncouthness.
Even some people I used to go to church with would be so mean to waitresses during the after service luncheon. And you see some parishioners lose all driver civility just as they are leaving the parking lot in their airconditioned massive cars.

We were at a market today.
Normally, where I am, it is customary to haggle over prices.
I don't bother. I think having worked retail (and occasionally still do), I have a soft spot for people peddling their wares.  When you already know you are getting a good bargain, let the other person make a little cash.

One time, I even bought a bunch of keepsakes and pendants from peddlers outside the church. I don't believe in their magical properties, but I know some people who do and I just gave them away as gifts. My former girlfriend and her parents who are supposedly more devout than I am, would not even look at the vendors.
I bought something from everyone that day. You would think I gave them a million bucks they were so happy. I guess they haven't made the day's profit as of yet. I can leave my own personal argument against myself over being an enabler on another day, I suppose.

I am reminded each and everyday that the world is filled with people who mostly just want a fair shake in life... and to be able to make ends meet. To those who show effort, it will be rewarded.

Today was a good day.
Went to the market and bought a pile of vegetables just as the vendors were closing for the night.
A last minute sale is always welcome and there it was on their faces; Happiness.

Lunch today was absolute perfection;
Filet mignon grilled with salt and pepper, corn chowder with shrimp and steamed carrots with butter and salt. Fried chicken wings on the side.

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