Sunday, March 25, 2012

More food!

Yep, it's all I do over here. Work, eat, sleep, love and pray. :)
So last night was a veritable banquet.
It was my folk's wedding anniversary coupled with a young cousin's graduation celebration.

We had Japanese Kani salad (with shrimp roe), panko breaded fish fillets, pancit palabok (which is rice noodles in a heavy shrimp based sauce with egg), sans rival cream pastries, rice cakes, roast whole chicken and the main star: a whole roast pig with crackling crispy skin. It's a vegetarian's nightmare for sure. :)

But on occasions like this, I don't mind. It's one of the rare instances I eat pork.
(aside from when there is bacon)

For drinks we had the ubiquitous Pepsi and a punch bowl drink fountain overflowing with pineapple/fruit medley blend. Oh, and we had chocolate ice cream (but I was too full last night to partake of that last one).

I think I ate myself into a coma last night. So this time around, instead of me traveling to another place, we got to stay home and have people over. It was a fantastic celebration. Perfect in every way.

Good night, America!

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