Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food, what else?

Being a bit immobile at present, how can I get my adventure on except with food?
A new Costco like place opened up nearby and we checked out the pizza. Very good stuff! The cheese is plenty and running down every slice. New York style and very tasty.

Lately, I've been hankering after some beef. So a trip to the market was in order.
Markets here are different. This is where you traditionally see whole slabs up on hooks and the butchers with cleavers busily chopping away at the meat. If you're sqeamish about blood or the overpowering smell of raw meat, this won't be fun for you.
But it's all part of being a meat eater, IMHO. Just like when I eat whole fish, I can stare at the eye and even pick it out and chew on it (fried eyeball is tasty).

But back to more palatable topics.
I had the best filet mignon today.
I prepared the sauce myself. It's just canola oil (would have rocked to have olive oil just then) with shredded onion, salt and pepper. I sliced the filets thin and marinated them in that oil. Then put them on the burner top grill and presto. Instant grilled meat to perfection. Nothing like smelling the chopped onion sizzle too... adds a bit of bite and flavor to it. You can add garlic, red pepper flakes and paprika to the oil marinade. I just chose not to, but usually, when I have garlic powder, it goes in there as well.

Pair that off with a homemade tomato salsa and it is steak perfection.... mmmm!

WEll, that's been the week so far. Just eating and working.

Good night, America!


  1. Sounds scrumptious. Except for the eyeball,thanks but I'll pass on that.

  2. I understand. :) But if you popped it in your mouth without knowing what it is, it just tastes like a cross between a piece of slightly charred beef fat and french fries. :) Have a good one!