Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back in the US of A!

Well! I have been back in the US of A for a while now! 2 weeks and counting. :)
It's been a frenetic time so I did not have any moment to update this.

I attended a show in Dallas and then quickly drove down to SA to pick up Great White. Then, it was off to Houston to house sit for my sister. It's kinda nice to have a stick and brick for a short time, but even as I walk around this neighborhood, I cannot help but feel alienated by the strangeness of it all.

It just reinforces my belief that I won't be getting one of these things in my future. Too much upkeep and work to be done all the time on it! Cut grass, water lawns... some people enjoy that, but not me.

I've about had it after a week of doing this.
Luckily, it's been raining a bit so I am saved doing the lawn hosing... Still, gotta do it tomorrow to keep my sister's plants healthy.

The only plants I mean to grow in the future are plants that are actually useful (vegetables and stuff). All this maintaining for appearance just irks me... such a waste of my time.

Anyway, that aside, it's been great.
Have the place to myself which is always a plus. Running around town checking out the grocery items and meeting folks in coffee shops (my cousin just drove through).

Doing work while hiding out here. It's nice but I will be ready to ship out fairly soon.
this gives me plenty of ideas for my future home.

Will drive back to SA in about 2 weeks' time.

Good night, America!


  1. Chama's or Driftwood? I say Driftwood bro!

  2. Hello Steve! I was indeed planning on calling you once I hit town for some Chama... Where is Driftwood?

  3. Oh, I just saw where it is again. :) We'll have to see. It's out of town way up there near Austin... I don't know if I am up for driving that far so soon after just coming in from Houston. :) (I also got to have my van AC fixed first)

  4. Salt Lick BBQ is worth it! But we'll do whatever is easier.

  5. I have a feeling it IS worth it... well, I am easy to compromise with. If we can carpool up there, I'd love to go. I'll chip in on gas. (just don't wanna drive up there in a hot vehicle without my AC fixed...)

  6. I can drive, that's not a problem by me.