Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm a Nutty Van Man!

Here I am house watching. Yet yesterday, I spent the night in my van in the driveway!
Now I truly know I like this... when I trade in an actual house for my own little house on wheels!
Unbelievable. I would not believe it if I was told 2 years ago that this is what I would do.

Yet there I was having fun in my little van forsaking the house I was watching!
Weather is sooo nice out. I cannot resist! I have better ventilation, better air, etc.

Well, for one, my own bed is in the van. And it's not just any bed. It's been my favorite bed now for 6 some odd years. So we got history. And it's dang comfy! Which leaves very little room for anything else except clothes, really. Maybe tonight I might choose my bed again. It's home and I sleep best when I am home... I cannot believe I consider the van outside my house but it is. :)

--A miniature version of my usual setup whenever I get an apartment.
My closet, my bed... all my stuff. :)



  1. I think it's great! If you need it, that'svalidation for the choices you've made.

  2. Thanks! It's wonderful having a small home... :)

  3. Also, I think my decision largely hinged on the fact that I did not want to sleep in a house full of dogs (and dog fur). So that was a factor. :) heh!

  4. Gee I would love to sleep in a house full of dogs LOL Thats wonderful that your house on wheels feels so comfy. Truly home sweet home!

  5. I would too. :) Except I'd wake up full of itchies. So I better not. I am typing this from my little home. It's my oasis of privacy and I find all I need right now is this little space.
    Take care, everyone!