Monday, April 14, 2014

The people in our lives

Hello everybody!
It's been a while, I know. Busy times as always.

This week has been a wonderful week so far. Got to spend a lot of time with friends and family. Shared good food and listened to their stories over the weekend. Lots of good food, if we're being honest! OMG... I could never party like this when I was in the States. I love Uncle Sam but being able to throw a banquet for 60 people for $500 cannot be beat!!!

I really enjoyed seeing my loved ones and being able to spend time with them. Lots and lots of quality time.
We always think they'll be there forever. But we won't have them forever. Today, we visited our sick relatives and those who cannot make it to the party yesterday. I feel lucky and blessed to have good health and that it is we who are visiting and not the other way around. Thankful to have a huge and wonderful extended family. We all pulled together for those in need and it seeing the result today is priceless. Instead of gifts, we passed a gift-wrapped basket around for our needy and very sick relative. And everyone answered. It's been a humbling but very happy experience all around. 

So now I am home, tired from the long drive to 3 houses with 3 separate patients in various stages of illness. Always make time for those you love. Talk with them and share many memories before it's too late. It's gonna be one of those weeks for me. A week with family and friends. With both ends of the spectrum both sad and happy. Mostly happy. And very thankful to have this time to spend with them. Good Night!


  1. I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading. I love hearing about your family. I get it, the relief from taxes where you are. This is why I'm in my vicious circle.

  2. Hope relief comes to you soon. Though I will be pretty much stuck in one place a lot for the immediate future, I too, try to enjoy what moments I can have. :)

  3. Nice story about your family. Yeah, we do take our family for granted and think they'll always be here. It's always good to study their mannerisms, look them in the eyes, listen intently at what their voice sounds like and what they are saying. Lock in deep inside the heart....Nice post.