Saturday, October 22, 2011


Been watching videos today of the homeless across America.
While technically, this applies to me, I consider myself fortunate still.

Here's why...

I chose to go homeless, it wasn't forced on me.
By doing so, I have freed myself from monthly expense of maintaining an apartment.
Many people I know have apartments, but are just a paycheck away from complete disaster. That won't happen to me. By removing the millstone around my neck, I have essentially negated a huge burden on my financial situation. If my paychecks stopped tomorrow, I'd actually last 2 years on what I have.
2 years!
Can many people say that when they are saddled with all these expenses each month trying to maintain all that space?
I just needed a place to crash and sleep for the night since I am a workaholic. And the van works really well for that.

So, I am homeless... but far from helpless or wretched.

It's almost like being prepared for death anytime it happens. I ain't gonna be caught unaware by life's curve balls.
To me, it doesn't make any sense to keep continuing to pay for a place when you lost your job. Some people wait until they can no longer afford to pay for the place they stay in... but by that time it is too late. Your bank account is tapped out, you got no options.
"The Man" has you once again over a barrel.

Well, aint' happening to this homey.
Houseless for now, but do have a plan.

This is my first fully paid home without a huge overhead.
This is stage one of my mission for total off grid independence.

It begins today.

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