Saturday, October 22, 2011

Something to think about

I sometimes wish I did this way earlier. I'd be well along by now if that was the case.
I know it's bad thinking about all the wasted paychecks paying landlords when I could have been RVing from the time I was 30.
But hey, this education and eventual realization came late.
It's ok. I know NOW.

Some people find all this out when they are about to retire.
Lucky to have realized all this now while I am sort of still young.

Now for the thought of the day.

Just imagine if your income annually was 80k... and you sacrificed for 15 years and lived frugally and in an RV... by the time you are 35, you'd have close to a million dollars. It staggers me now the sheer amount of money that goes to landlords and banks.. not to us.
Sure, flipping a home is the only way you can actually make money with that investment. Some people are happy doing that. But for the rest of the people? They fritter away what would have been a fortune renting and paying for things they think they need so that society would accept them.

A million bucks by the time you're 35. Imagine that.
No 401k will ever do that for you.


  1. Hi found your blog on the forums. I'm so glad to found this lifestyle too. I like your how your van is set up.

    Happy Trails!

  2. Thanks! Nice meeting you, Jennifer! My van's still a mess right now, I'm sure. I just crash in it each night. Too busy with work and life to organize it properly. I got to give out some of my stored canned goods to a needy family the other day. Am I thankful that isn't me homeless and begging on the parking lot. I still got a job and shelter to sleep in. See you in the forums! (you "Jstarr06" on the forums?)

  3. Yes that's so true. I'm thankful to be working and still have an opportunity to go to school and have adequate shelter. So many don't have those things.

    My name is the same on the forums! See you there :)

  4. Which you probably figured out b/c you posted in my intro thread ha ha.

  5. :) Indeed! Sometimes --well, a lot of times -- we really have so many blessings in life. So many people complain about this or that... but all I have to do is look at places like Haiti where they're still living in leaky tarps 2 years after the quake and I think to myself... "I'm doing alright". Or I think about guys my age on the other side of the world. Here I am writing and sharing with you in an airconditioned room with a desk and chair and they're probably holding a rifle and fighting for their lives out there.

    So where do you go to school and what's your major?

  6. Yes I think about the same things. I have been getting my family prepared in case there is a major emergency. I go to Columbia College in Chicago for Illustration. I'll be done by next summer.

  7. I illustrate as well. Mostly comic book work. Lots of fun. :)