Sunday, July 14, 2013

No May or June updates!

I was just looking at my blog just now and realized I have no May or June updates.
I guess I have been very busy with life down here in the tropics.

I spent those months working, attending family gatherings as needed and mostly trying to have a good time.
On thing that hasn't changed is my love of good food. In honor of the land I miss, I had me a good old fashioned American burger complete with hand cut fries. All homemade and very delicious!

Toured the old ruins of Intramuros Fort --the old Spanish colonial seat of power in Manila established in the 1600's.

Shopped for local veggies and fruits with my trusty Woolworth's Green Bag.
Even out here we must use reusable bags... The good news is groceries in the area are beginning programs like "Bagless Wednesdays".

Then eat some more. :) Somewhere in there, I managed to get some work done. Freelancing is tough, but manageable. I just wasn't able to get more progress on my novel as much as I would have liked to.

Well, be back in the US of A in a couple weeks' time!


  1. So what is on the plate in the last photo? Rice, some sort of fried fish or shellfish, a coleslaw of sorts are my guesses but the last thing and the thing in the bowl are mysteries. Serious foodies share their knowledge!

  2. hello Don!
    Oh I forgot to describe! That's fried chicken fingers. Rice smothered in gravy, mashed potatoes and yea, cole slaw. On the bowl is some egg drop soup with quail's eggs floating so it's sort of an egg drop soup supreme.

  3. Reading your fb posts, looks like you may not be happy to get back to the USA but I'm glad you are coming back.

  4. I am glad to be back. I just like ranting is all. :) But beyond ranting, I hope to be involved in some rally or other to improve things. :)

  5. DOOD! I've been wondering how things have been going for you. Glad to see they're going great! Ok, so email me directly on when you're getting back and where you'll be. I'm hoping we can meetup and/or caravan together for even a little bit of time on the road.