Sunday, April 28, 2013

Not fully living the life I want... but life is still OK

I am not mobile these days.
I am staying in the home my parents bequeathed to me.
It's funny how these things work out.
Still, it is good to be with them. They took care of me when I was small so I reckon the best thing to do is return the favor ten fold if I can. I am working from online right now, making my cash purely by online sales and projects. I am relying on electronic transfers for payment and the ever trusty Mastercard to keep me funded overseas.

Despite the heat, I am having a good time of it.
I suppose one doesn't need to resort to van living here. Places are so cheap. There are apartments here for rent which only cost $100 a month. To a low income guy like me, that's a bargain. Definitely cheaper than going on the road.

Knowing what I know today, I chafe in this house even though it is good shelter. I know building techniques that'll make a home even more efficient at retaining cold air from the evenings... air flow, insulation... it's all rotting in my head for lack of execution. And of course, I have few resources at the moment to pull it off. I cringe each time it rains and all that water just goes to the drainage canals.
I am burning money away by turning on the airconditioner all the time. A huge pity. Anyway, those are just my thoughts. 
That's probably one of the things I miss about being in the US of A. At least we have begun to build sensibly now in some areas. Such smart buildings and green homes are unknown here and it guts me each time I wander around noticing all the wasted potential.

Nothing much to report except working on some side projects to make some cash.
Recently started going to a gym and been walking more to get fit.
Food is good as always. I keep having massages. The little things that make me happy.

I think I'll stay here for a long while.

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