Monday, April 15, 2013

Spa time... yet again! :)

I went to a Spa again yesterday this time for a salt scrub.
It marks the end of a major project so I felt like celebrating.

Reconnected with another fellow American expat here yesterday from CA. He mentioned how he enjoyed very much the trip we both took to the spa last year. So today, we went and checked out another favorite spa place I know.

There were three of us. Black, white and brown. Two Texans and one Californian.
I really feel blessed to have such cool friends.
The ladies that scrubbed my back were still there and one of them recognized me from last year. I said to them: give my friends here the best service! :)
And so they did.
We began with a sauna... Me and my big dark friend went in. It was my first time but he went to saunas a lot. Boy, that place was hot! When he sprinkled the water over those hot stones... Man, it felt like my head was on fire! I did not breathe too deeply for I felt it would heat up my body more. I sweated like you would not believe. It felt like my face and scalp were melting and my eyeballs would just drip to the floor.
It was intense. All the while, my friend laughed and laughed. We both did. It was so hot as to be nearly uncomfortable yet I also found it hilarious so we both laughed at me.

The body scrub came next.
I was not ready for this one. I went to other places that did body scrubs. None of them required me to get nearly naked. I was handed a thong so small, not even Britney Spears would have worn that thing. Dayummm... you do feel very, VERY exposed.
But I told myself I am in the hands of a professional so I just laid down and allowed the small masseuse to lather me up and rub the dead sea salts on my back.
I knew her from last year so our banter was light and easy. She knows her stuff.
A shower later and another rub down with honey extract (my friend tasted it and it was real honey), I was feeling sleepy. One can sleep through this and come out truly invigorated.
My other friend chose the shiatsu massage and he loved it.

So, us three happy expats rolled out of the spa ready to face the world.
WE all laughed uproarously when my other friend said he chose just to go au naturel instead of wearing the disposable briefs (the thong I described earlier).
A lot of fun was had by all.
The bath scrub and the salts are now working on me... I will sleep well tonight!

From the Philippine islands...
Good night, America!


  1. Spas are nice place to relax while bonding with your friends. And while doing so, you're giving your body a 'candy' treat with the massage and body scrub; salt scrub is perfect exfoliating aid for dead skin cells and will leave your skin glowing.
    Stela @

  2. Hello Stela!
    It sure was a treat. :) hmmm... maybe it's time for one laaast go before I take off...

  3. Sweet! My friends used to come with me to my spa visits to enjoy some relaxing spa treatments. Unfortunately, they had to move to another country. I advised them that they must find a trusted spa where they can drop by after a stressful day. I'm glad they already found one!