Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Massage heaven

Yesterday I went for a Thai massage with my travel buddy David from San Antonio.
It was pure bliss. Of course, having a cute masseuse climbing all over me adds a lot I am sure.
But they were really good at what they do. For someone so small, my massuse has fingers of iron. How she can dig so deep between muscle groups is astounding.

These are the small pleasures of life denied a regular guy like me in expensive places. But here in the Philippines, I go from the 99 to the 1% simply because I make some kind of income in US dollars. My money goes a long, long way. Considering how little I make even. US retirees on a fixed income can live like kings. :)

Before this, we were also taken to another spa 2 weeks ago where we were treated to a body scrub and a full body massage --1 hour each. Another cute and tall girl ministered to my tight back muscles.
This is one of the many small joys I can experience here.

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