Friday, November 25, 2011

New futon bed!

Here is a view of my current setup with my closet area on the left. I moved some of the heaviest crates with my books there on the left side of the vehicle so weight distribution is more balanced.
MY New Futon arrangement: I took out that folding part and kept the basic wood and steel framing. Put some crates in the center (storage and stability). Here is the bed propped up to show the crate storage beneath.

Here is the back of my van more organized this time around... (laundry basket on the left and various knicknacks like books, cotton balls and astringent)

The futon bed with frame in place.

Here is something I did recently. I put all my backpacks on hangers and hung them in a row on the shower rod. 


  1. Good find and rescue!

    Looks very functional and potentially comfortable.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  2. I feel bad whenever I see something with potential go to waste. I'd buy a junk yard just to collect junk to be honest... And build things and repurpose them into something useful and beautiful. :)