Saturday, November 26, 2011

Want to Vanish

Usually I am an upbeat person. I still am.
But I am exhausted dealing with the people around me and in my life in general.
I want to disappear for a while and boy I was sure tempted today.
I just wasn't feeling well today.
Otherwise, I would have just taken off for lands unknown. Being tied to one spot is really driving me crazy. I should not have volunteered for this or that... or to offer my assistance to a relative...
I am cursing my kind nature right now.
Sometimes it can be a weakness.
Now I can't take off until I see my charges off to a good state.

More than that, I am really tempted to just take off and vanish for a while. No e-mail, facebook or any of this crap. I'm tired of it all.

Ah well... this too shall pass.
Maybe I am thinking this only because I feel pretty crappy right now.
Well, that too shall pass.


  1. I'm right there with you, but I've got about a year before I'm ready to go. This is a kind of a torture.

  2. For future reference, NO is a valid response to those who would hold you back, seeking sympathy for their personal condition.

    This is not cruel. You didn't create the situation, and need to think of your own needs first.

    Bob (aka stude53)