Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back in Business!

So I am back in full health once again!
Happy once more to be blogging.
Hope y'all are doing well and are in good health. Being sick just reminds us of what a treasure it is to have good  health. It really cannot be traded for money. When we are at our worst, we'd do anything, pay any amount to relieve our suffering.

Luckily, what struck me was far from deadly serious. An ear infection isn't like a damaged kidney so I am rejoicing that my health challenges have been very minor.

Today, I went to a children's party. I'm not really overfond of clowns but it seems this is sort of a tradition here, I am finding.
As a blogger and an opinionated person, I can cite the many things I found to be objectionable about the many children's parties I have already gone to here.

If ever I had a child, I won't:

1) hold a party with Lady Gaga blaring at full volume. This isn't a teenage rave. I find it quite bizarre that otherwise educated people (my dear friends are lawyers, engineers and doctors) would subject their kids to
this. The base is pretty much socking your gut with each beat of the drum. doom, dooom, doooom, dooom...

this is a kid's party! Does anyone know the Wiggles?

2) the clowns and their "kiddie contests" feels like they are training the kids to be future crass talent show contestants. Maybe the clowns grew up watching those things as kids and so it is absorbed like osmosis or something...

Having said that, everything else was really good.
Food was great. It's one of those spreads that make you throw out your diet for just one day.
Take a hiatus for a while.

Beef with thick creamy mushroom sauce, ox tongue (a different kind of beef), quails eggs with mixed vegetables, fried dory fish with sweet and sour sauce, spaghetti with meatballs and fried chicken.
On the side they hired an ice cream stand and a flavored french fries stand. sort of like what you see in the malls or state fairs except they just give you all the fries you want.

I am typing this with a full belly. don't do what I just did. It's rare that I overeat but you get carried away with just chatting, going back to the buffet and then chatting some more... Pretty soon, you're just stuffing more and more fries in your mouth absent mindedly (like when you are watching a movie) then you realize... hey, wait, I'm already full!

Well, a good time was had by all.

Good night, America!
Sleep well and may the night be cool and breezy.
(It's boiling humid here)

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