Monday, May 7, 2012

Been sick lately

Been down with an ear infection. iOtitis Externa and it does hurt on one whole side of my face and ear. No fun at all.
It's a time of recuperation and a lot of reflection.

First off, I got lucky again that this struck me as I am spending time here overseas where healthcare is cheaper.

I guess it's on a 50-50 chance since half the time I am always here, anyways.
The Philippines has sort of a public healthcare system but it is only for the very poor.

Here's the breakdown so far:

Ear Nose and Throat specialist: (ear canal draining) $70 (yes, I waited 2 and a half hours, so what? I wasn't dying.)
Antihistamines (14 tablets): $2.50
Nasal spray: $10
Ear medication drops: $5 (don't tell me countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia --not even mentioning Canada---have the balls to collectively negotiate for lower prices while America, the base of most of Pharma doesn't?)

Before this, I was also able to have:
2 dental fillings: Php: 3,000 divide that by 40 (actual exchange rate is 42, but for simpler math) =$75
Mom's dental implants --3 teeth: Php: 30,000 which comes out to $750--$250 per tooth. (yes, I shouldered that since their benefits were reduced this year.)

I still feel lucky I haven't been struck with anything more serious. I have made paypal donations to another artist who is waiting for a kidney transplant. This is what we are reduced to: fund raisers for people we know who get sick. I did not contribute to another one that I was messaged for because he already has a lot of backers in his medical fundraiser so I can afford to rest my paypal (which is getting rather thin lately).

In the end, it really is only a matter of time before I am struck by something far more lethal and therefore more expensive... and when that happens, I guess I'll just go into the wilderness, go as far north as I can, wrestle a bear and die with dignity.  Someone else will have to beg money for me.


  1. Wow you are really down. Your OK. The ear will get better but I know its a bitch waiting. Feel better. You better because I want to see your up posts LOL not to mention your food posts.
    Medical care IS sure cheaper there.

  2. Thanks, Michelle!
    I am feeling better now. The ear's healed and I am ready to go again.
    Hope you are well and in good health yourself!