Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Animal Friends

Last night I was driving in the rain. I drove slow because I see a lot of frogs hopping in the road.
I slow down or even grind to a halt if I see one hop to the middle.
They will avoid you as long as they are given time to do so.

A lot of other drivers don't care. They just run over animals like they were worthless trash.
I have come to view this as a very insensitive attitude of many drivers.
A lot have a callous disregard for life. It doesn't even matter if the driver was pulling out from church. It also afflicts drivers of all types; young, old, men, women... soccer moms, executives, professionals...

People have become so arrogant in their belief that the only lives that matter is their own.
These animals... whether a frog or a cat  always take a risk when crossing the road. And they always have to look out for us. But a lot of us never look out for then. It is completely one sided and we expect them to know the dangers of a huge automobile like they were people.

It is grossly unfair to expect that of them. It is already unfair that they don't even have their own crosswalks.

I dunno... I always take care never to run over anything.
The majority doesn't care. Even educated people will think nothing of running over a squirrel. I saw a middle aged lady do this without even slowing down. For God's sake! What's the hurry when the light at the end of the road is red, anyway?

Well, that's my rant for today.
I just wish more people cared. These creatures deserve to live as much as anyone else.
When they are all gone, we will miss them.


  1. Rod I love you LOL. No really Im the same way. I brake for squirrels,turtles and if I saw a frog here I would brake for them too. I get sad when ever I see a dead animal on the street. Sometimes it can't be helped if a animal runs in front of you but there are people who actually speed up to run over someones pet. Disgusting.
    Other than that sad note...glad to see your feeling better!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! Luv ya too! :)
    We animal lovers gotta stick up for the little guys. Even the bigger ones like deer. Some have run out in front of me, but I always traveled at a good medium rate for me to slow down enough to let them pass. I think because most drivers go too fast on their high tech road hugging tires, they feel almost invulnerable to accidents of this kind.

    "I did not have time to slow down" most of the time translates to "I've been driving way too fast to react." NOt a good excuse in my mind.
    People lack awareness of their surroundings. Landcapes go by in a blur and they really don't pay any attention. Otherwise, you'd see so much wonderful stuff... if only they took a good look.

  3. Of course, there is a reason many folks rush around all the time. They don't have time to leisurely drive like some of us vagabond wanderers. Clocks do not rule over us the blessed few. But many are ruled by time.

    If you ask me, a lot of people ARE already slaves to the machines. Just look at all the frenetic activity going on and people not having time to stop look and just smell the roses. Very few have that privilege and gift.