Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back Home sweet Home!

I am typing this in my first night of cooler weather in my little home.
Everything just came back to me of my winters here last year. Wow... how time flies. It's been a busy year.

So I am back in my own original bed... It rained hard all day today and I left one window open (which let some water in.) It got a spot wet on my bed but it's ok. A towel over the affected area took care of that before I put the cover sheet on.
Great White is back and open for habitation once again!
Let the little cabin living begin! :)

Good night, America!


  1. Where were you sleeping before?

    1. I spent my nights in the airconditioned space of my office cubicle. It's far from the general public so I am comfy in there without being disturbed even though I oversleep. So Tuesday 11:30 at Chama's tomorrow? :)