Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Unexpected

Unexpected turns are sometimes very upsetting.
My folks were looking for someone to bankroll upgrades to their house (2 new rooms and a second floor).
Me being the only one still unmarried (and viewed as this available pool of money), I am of course a natural choice to ask for funding.
It's not that I don't want to do it. Of course most of us will eventually agree to help out.
But it's very upsetting in that your personal plans may have to be put on hold... The life I want of vagabonding and total freedom are hampered by other folks in my life that are rooted in a lifestyle I am trying to shun.

Very few folks understand this need to get away from the life of sticks and bricks.
Except maybe you, my fellow wanderers. Which is why I am writing this here. I removed my Facebook already because I am finding that world and its inhabitants have fewer and fewer relevance for me.
I suppose many of you too, get drawn back into the world you want to vacate badly through people you know or love.
They do keep us connected to the world, but sometimes that connection can reach out and draw you backwards from your progress. I feel like it's that way with me at the moment.

Just feeling like that lately. There's always something the system does to keep me from realizing total freedom.
It sucks and I'll have to yet again put up with it for now...
Or maybe I should just tell my folks I don't have the money.

After all, if I spent the money on a vehicle I could rightly say it's already spoken for. So what if it is just waiting to be spent? In my mind, it's going to my future home... And it will be spent enabling me to go live my life for a change...

At the end of the day, it's only a house upgrade. It's not like a medical emergency...

we'll see...


  1. Don't let it get you down. I've been planning to live this life for years and even with every setback I get just a little closer.

    Repeat after me, "...This, too, shall pass..."

  2. Thanks very much. :)
    Yeah, This too shall pass...
    I suppose were are all in this together. Been looking at Bob's pictures in the wilderness and I always try to imagine myself being there as well... sigh...
    This too shall pass... :)

  3. At 39 yo it *seems* you have lots of time to follow your dreams. I am 67 and pushing... still haven't gotten there..... yet :) I would ask myself, "is this a need, or a want?" (parents house) and go from there. According to Dave Ramsey, the financial guru from Nashville TN and known all over, he recommends not lending to relatives, but giving, as lending spoils relationships. Check him out for financial wisdom. Anyway I agre that the more webnet contacts you have it slows you down... I have also been wondering if getting off fb would be a benefit. Thanks for your post!

  4. You're welcome! I do indeed try to see things as need and wants. Yeah, you are so right... lending does spoil relationships. I just give... or lend without a deadline for repayment, as I put it. :)

    I just got off FB. Everyone's on my back right now for switching to Jainism. :) When you have a family that is devout Christian and Catholic... boy, it's a huge thing. :)
    Time to keep life simpler. :) I still love them, but I'll just stay off for now.