Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Got an apartment... and guess what happened?

Latest news: Seems I will stay here in TX after all. Got a paying job that'll keep me funded for a while but also need to find a stable place. And so...

I was recently approved for an apartment with a roommate.
But the process was excruciating. It is as if someone in the matrix knew of my van living times and decided to send a message to its minions to punish this errant rebel and teach him a lesson.
I was subjected to the worst runarounds and requirements. None of my old records of being a good tenant mattered. They really zeroed in on the gaps in my rental record.
Fuck! I was overseas, can't they understand that?
Whenever I produced what they wanted, they needed something else.
One apartment complex wanted me to produce the original blue ss card ... you know, the one which they don't want you to keep in your wallet?

Anyway, long story short, I will never do this ever again.

This has been a very bad homecoming and an excruciating 2 weeks.
The matrix knew I had lived and enjoyed life overseas and while here, rent free in my vanhome. Now, it will punish me for getting away with enjoying life without having to pay through the nose for it.

I know I am being targeted for being my own man. The system is not designed with a struggling entrepreneur in mind. From apartment complexes that demand you show them some kind of employment with a giant corporation to a tax system which nickle and dimes you for all you're worth, the matrix is designed to funnel you into a life of full time employment for some large company. Pursuing a dream has its costs. I found a way around the costs by living partially overseas. And the system is punishing me for not living in one city full time all year round. This is why I was subjected to this rigmarole. Never mind that I've always been a good renter. The gaps in my renting resume are a red flag to them. The only overseas people they respect are soldiers and Doctors. These are the costs of being your own man. This is the cost of pursuing a different path in life. But hey... they can have their laugh. They can only keep me down so long. One day, it will be different.

Fuck this system. Next time, I am getting me my house on wheels and rolling outta here.


  1. I don't understand the room mate part, sub lease? Who's the responsible party? I don't want to see you on Judge Judy.
    Maybe these difficulties thrown before you will 'force' you to get another van and be in control again. You are a gypsy at heart, don't wait to long.

  2. Thanks for your concern, Dianne.
    Well, it's a moot point if you read my next post. My roommate is in for the apartment and I have bailed out. I did not want to, but I had very little choice. I ran out to Asia as fast as I could get myself a quick flight out of Houston. My situation here is 100 times way better now... except for my Mom having to live with a tumor, of course... But I will take care of her and Dad here for the time being.