Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bibimbap! bibimbap!

After a while of not having any, I prepared my favorite Bibimbap dish. Very easy to prepare for someone who has few facilities. It's a bit of a juggle with counter space, but manageable.
I was able to use up some bean sprouts I saved from when I went to a Vietnamese Pho place and that's a treat... additional veggies.
The rest of that is 2 fried eggs, white rice, shredded fresh lettuce, red onions, rehydrated seaweed tossed with sesame seeds and a bit of olive oil, crab sticks, avocado and some chopped nori. Sauce is made of soy sauce with a spoonful of brown sugar and sesame oil.

Good for a fast dinner and economical. :)

When I get my future kitchen, I'll be able to make more of this and more food types.

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