Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Tonight

Today was a very good day.
Went out on a date.
It was good. She doesn't mind me living in a van. She's very cool about it.

I am glad.
As we left the Vietnamese place where we had dinner, we came upon a beggar on the street. Even living in my van, I am so blessed. More than that fellow on the street who has nowhere to go. I gave him a bottle of water and we went on our way.

It is amazing how very happy it makes me to have these few possessions. And how lucky I am to have shelter tonight... a warm comfortable bed... a small house to call my own. I am truly happy and content. Even when we measure me and my meager belongings to the world, I still come out part of the 1%.
I have a full tank of gasoline.
Savings in the bank (I can go 3-4 months without earning anything).
A space to call my own.
Clothes to keep me warm.
Food to keep me fed and healthy.

We need so little to keep us happy. This I am discovering each and every day.
I sleep tonight in my little nest warm and cozy from the night air.
At one with the world.
At one with nature.

Good night, America. Sweet dreams to you.


  1. Hey,Rod

    Been a while since I visited. Glad to see you happy and content.

    Bob (aka stude53)

    1. Hello Bob~!
      Thanks for coming by and reading.
      I still hope to come out to California (or wherever you may be) to meet up in the future.
      Right now, I am bogged down with life just making hay while the sun shines. Maybe later when I've stored some winter fat on my bank account, I can go gallivanting off and taking care of my solar installation. The info you provided on the solar forum is priceless. I have that bookmarked. :) Hope to use that someday when I finally get around to getting a high top first.
      Hope that wherever you are, you are safe and happy.