Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A cold week!

Ooo Boy! It's major flu outbreak out there, my friends.
I am in a warm hotel room for the night to stave off an escalation of a bad cold I had yesterday.
And to isolate myself from any possible pathogen carriers in my weakened state...
...and to get some stuff done like cut my hair in a real bath.
I remember the tips of the forum veterans on here about doing plenty of things while you have access to a room and toilet.
So thanks for that.

Just in time, too. If there's anything I learned about living like this... it's to follow my body's signals early.
Man, am I thankful I am in a warm bed tonight. It's just too cold and too windy for my little home. Not to mention the cedar is out of control in my area.

Good night and stay warm!


  1. Ugh take care Rod. Glad your staying warm!!

  2. Poor Rod. Hope you can stay for a few days and stay warm.

  3. Thanks, Michelle, Diane.
    It's a couple of days of blessed warmth, I gotta admit. It really made me reconsider the van living thing for winter time. I will write more about this in depth later on.
    Thanks for the concern. It was pretty bad for a couple of days there, but I am feeling better now. (better enough to check out of the motel and back into my van home)