Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year!!!

It's January 3 and what a hectic 3 days it's been.
Not without its fun, though.
Before we get into that... here is the last good meal I had in 2012:
Elk burgers smothered in mushroom sauce, green bean casserole and brown rice. Sumptuous!

I just got back from doing a laundry batch. It's a good routine by now... on the 30 minute cycle, I fix my little home up and do some house chores. Thirty minutes up, I transfer the clothes to the hour long dry cycle and that's when I take off for lunch. I had lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant, simply called "Thai Restaurant". It's a small hole in the wall which serves the best Panang Curry in all of TX. Now, I am back in my office cubicle. Got work to do so ciao for now!

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