Saturday, January 5, 2013

Midnight shopping

ah, the late night Wally shopping experience!
I got me a nice tiramisu cake on sale for $4 (down from $7). Happily muching tonight!
I also bought some wet wipes for cleaning down tonight if I feel lazy and don't setup my bathing tub.
Still... having a hot water bath ain't bad.
Also bought some portabellas on sale for $3 (2 of them!).
Gonna have some wonderful sandwiches in the next few days! Can't wait!


  1. Tiramisu, absolutely my favorite. Well, other than my own 3 milk cake with praline icing. The problem is, I have no self control and would eat the tiramisu cake as several meals. And snacks.

  2. Tiramisu is one of my favorites. You're talking about the tres leches cake? 3 milk cake, right? :) That sounds delicious as well. with 3 milk cake... I can go hog wild on that. :)