Sunday, January 6, 2013

A good day... A good week

Today was spent waking up rather late.
I got up all in time to have an early lunch with a couple of friends at Joe's crab shack. Ordered the crawfish etoufee with fried crawfish combo.
Wandered around and drove to look around SA for a bit before meeting another friend.
We went to Trader Joe's --yep, the van dweller's friend. Although I bought bags of walnuts and almond slivers, it's to pack away for my overseas trip. Every now and then, it's good to have walnuts in a salad where walnuts are kind of hard to find. So ready now for that.

Had a good Chinese dinner with the same Trader Joe's friend. I had the pan fried noodle with chicken and wonton soup. Good stuff, although there's better places in Los Angeles for that kind of dish which I am going to in about 4 weeks' time.

Wooh! Was looking up the procedures for transferring titles today so I am clear on what to do when the fateful day comes... *sniff*... I will miss Great White and all our journeys together! GW has been a good van to me. I wish it well with the new owner.

For now, I am enjoying the last weeks with GW. I am typing this from my little bed at the back. Hopefully later on in the year, I will be able to get my upgraded future home on wheels.
But that's down the road. We have an entire 6 months of stick and brick to look forward to before that time comes.

Good night, America!

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