Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Weekend

Looked at my very first class A. Impressive layout and awesome interior.
Engine rumbling in the background, all I could think of the entire time I was inside was "Gasoline prices".

Stopped by BBQ place to have brisket, green beans and creamed corn. Not bad for a pit stop.

Went downtown and strolled some because it was a fine, fine day.
Met old friends and had pleasant conversation much of the afternoon.

Dinner was at a Mediterranean restaurant with beef/lamb kabobs and Persian salads. Perfect end to the day.
Or so I thought.
Night time was different. wind came blowing in and along with it, apparently cedar and pollen.
My nose became a sneezing machine for 30 whole minutes, eyes began to swell. Ran down to Walgreens to grab antihistamines and an air mask.

I was royally ticked off. This has never happened to me before in my life!
Now I know what allergies feel like... or is it we are just polluting our world more that more resistant types like me are now feeling it?
The severe fluctuations in weather and temperature are messing with my sinuses big time this winter.

It'll be a relief to get out of here and into better climates.

Lent my little home to a friend the past 2 nights. Boy, did I miss sleeping in my own bed! When I get that next vehicle, I must make sure it has 2 beds at least.

Sunday was a swollen eye misery.
Man, I was hacked off. This allergy thing that people suffer under is a bad, bad thing indeed. I am all new to this and I am really looking for culprits. Am I just getting weaker? Or is the world getting worse, weather and pollution-wise? I really got ticked off this morning thinking about how them climate change deniers would say nothing is wrong. A cleaner planet is better for everyone regardless. Now even I am being affected. This is shit!

Well, day wore on.... went online, did a little work.
But nothing much got done. I am still with really red eyes.
For the first time, I tried the eyedrops along with the cucumber slices over the eyes.
What do you know? It actually works, the cucumber slices!
My eyes did feel better. But also, I wore the mask religiously as well as take one more antihistamine pill.

I was in a good enough condition to go to a fancy dinner thrown by my Editor in Chief for us artists in town.
Great shindig and good eats at a Brazilian restaurant. More steak and lamb chops galore! I am one happy camper tonight!
So there ends my weekend. Both the good and the bad.
Thankfully, I was well enough to enjoy it 80% of the time.

Good night, A!

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