Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Happy New Year to All!

This may be my last post for 2012. :) Tomorrow, I will be busy going to my brother's for New Year's eve.

Today has been a good day again.
Got lots of game board work finished. I am getting really close to publishing the product online. Excited!

Today also marks the final time I cooked outside.
It's a bit cold but whatever! I took out the electric griddle and seared up some elk burgers. Ummm-mmm!
That stuff was good! Throw in some homemade salsa on top with slices on onion and some bread and mayo... over the top spectacular treat on a cold day. :)

Happy with that. I still got 2 grilled patties left so excited about having them for lunch tomorrow.

As I cooked them burgers out in the open, I can only imagine what it would be like when I finally fulltime it... you mean I get to do this everyday? Man! That'll be exciting and awesome!
But that's for next year... late next year.

For now, hope everyone had a good year.
Happy New Year and may 2013 bring new and better things for you!

Good Night, America and 2012!


  1. Happy New year Rod! Looks like your dreams are really coming true for you!

  2. Thanks Michelle!
    I got to do the classic burger reincarnation meal today. I took the grilled burgers from the day before, and with a can of mushroom soup, mushrooms, and canned green beans, I was able to whip up a great lunch of baked burgers with mushroom sauce, leftover brown rice and green bean casserole. Even yummier! Hope all is good with you as well!

  3. Happy New Year Rod and Michelle. I am crawling out of the hole I have been in and started my blog again. Tring to communicate with blogger about potential malware. I don't think there really is blogger support though.