Thursday, December 20, 2012

Motel Life!

I'm in a motel for the night.
I reckon this happens every now and then to everyone who lives in a wheeled home.
A bit under the weather... Nose clogged... eh... I might as well pony up the cash can bunk in for the night.
It's also not a coincidence I am doing this at the coldest night of the week. Kinda worked out.
Would have been bad for my cold to be out there...
But as I am here already, I might as well get my buzz clippers out and cut my hair... get lots of facial maintenance done since I got a sink and restroom to myself.

And to complete my motel experience, I ordered in some pizza. Did not know I was that hungry as I finished all but 2 slices of a large 14 incher. :)

So with the AC cranked to a balmy 72... a runny nose and a heavy head... I bid you...

Good Night, America!


  1. Man even with the cold you sound comfy! Enjoy. Take a hot bath too!!

  2. the hot water is just slightly warm. :( That was the one flaw in this whole thing. The water isn't hot enough to fill a tub with and just dip!