Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chilly outside... comfy inside

Christmas day!
You'd think I'd take today easy. :)
Well, spent the day working on my game board idea. Yeah, always thinking about new products to make a little money on... that's us industrious mice... always looking for cheese.
What else is there to do? Everything's closed. I went to Jack in the Box but the service was nonexistent. I stood there waiting for 10 minutes so I went out again. Oh well... Only 2 guys manning the place... I suppose it's a skeleton shift.

I just got done resizing my board game pieces to fit a new publishing template. Hopefully, this will make some good sales come next year.

Went over to my brother's for dinner and bought them some pecan pie and fresh broccoli to boil for veggies. Good meal with leftover ham, boiled eggs and some potato chips.

Nice and comfy here in my little home.
Good night to all and have a safe and wonderful holiday!

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