Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cajun Elk

How lucky am I to be feasting on elk meat for lunch?
I helped a friend out and in return, he gave me something like 70 pounds of elk meat.

I popped one package of ground elk into the slow cooker with potatoes, carrots and cajun spices. Boiled some rice around noon and here I am having a good meal.
It's little things like this that make life wonderful.


  1. Sounds good. What does elk taste like? And dont say elk!!!! Chicken maybe? LOL

  2. Yeah... I was tempted to say "elk" heheh. It's almost as big an animal as a cow.
    Well, let's see...
    The texture is soft.
    The taste is beefy with a good bit of liver flavor.
    It's really good. :)

    I've also had goat and lamb which both taste similar to each other. Kangaroo which somewhat tastes like lamb.
    Ostrich which is just a larger turkey and has a slight beefy flavor to it.
    Always looking for a new animal to try, that's me. :)