Friday, December 14, 2012

The day today

It's been a good day, overall.
I had an early lunch of elk stew heated with rice. Watched "the Hobbit" with friends. And then had a lovely early dinner of seafood pho from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.
The morning's events in CT caught up with me as I got back to work later in the evening. I would have ranted more online if I wasn't so cheered up by my seeing "the Hobbit".
One is upset as with all events like this. I suppose nothing will happen. We are forever playing a deadly game of chicken poker with the men who love the gun lobby. They keep upping the ante. Eventually, we all know they will fold and admit that yeah, we do need stricter rules. Until that time happens, I suppose they are content to let the deaths mount.

I am perfectly fine with keeping an arsenal as long as you are in the sticks without any civilization to help you.
But living in a large city with rules for everybody has its responsibilities.
Just like we cannot just build anything in our backyards, there are rules so that we can all get along and these are to prevent nutters from doing the unthinkable.

Well, not as cold tonight as the other nights. For that, I am thankful.
The temp is just right and I have only one of my 3 blankets on me right now.

My thoughts are with those kids who will never be tucked in at night in their beds. Instead, they will be spending the night at a refrigerated morgue... their bodies cold, lifeless and alone.
WE are blessed to have life in us... a beating heart and a body that can see nature, breathe the air... enjoy the grass on our feet.
To all who sleep fitfully tonight, unburdened by sorrows... we are the lucky ones.
It is incumbent upon us to make sure this doesn't happen to more folks.
Take care of each other... and ourselves.

Good night, America.


  1. You forget that even in cities the cops are almost always too late to help you. They arrive after the fact when the damage has been done.

  2. A lot of times, we forget that the purpose of having cops around is preventive action. By having less funding for police and fire departments, we are setting ourselves up for this kind of failure.
    When we sabotage our own police and fire departments, things can and do go wrong.