Saturday, December 15, 2012

Good Saturday

It's nice and cool tonight.
Just relaxing here in my little cubby hole.
I have enclosed my bed head area with a tent made from a spare blanket.
It helps keep the warm air around my face and it also hides the computer glow from the outside even more. I have curtains, but if you really look closely, you will see the computer monitor glow at night. Of course, anyone just passing by will just think the little light seeping out may be just the ambient lights of the buildings around me. I am parked in a well lit area under a yellow street lamp.

Man, I am gonna miss my little home! I am gonna miss this wonderful white van.
It's been really fun. :)

I was planning on going overseas next year... However, the funding may not even come through with that. Therefore, I will not be selling my white van.
Gosh, how plans change on the turn of a dime.
Maybe I ought to not announce things this early. Ah well...
More times with my van lie ahead.
I think if I don't make it overseas next year, I will try and go for full customization... and probably look around for a taller van to convert in the meantime.

New plans include trying to make it out West in February or March. We'll see...

Good night, America!

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