Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cheap digs, Good Eats

My one vice is eating good food.

I like buying ecologically produced food, quality brown eggs, etc.. It may be more expensive, but I view it as an investment towards my health. If I ate inferior foods (cheap, processed, etc.), I would certainly pay for that later anyway when I buy medicines to cure my ailments.

Anyway, this new cheap life has afforded me even more options with food... and dining out. :)
I find I dine out often these days, but that's maybe out of the fact that I still don't have a functioning kitchen to myself. I only do cooking when I am in friends' and family's homes. It's gonna change eventually, I believe.

I look back on those days when I had an apartment but had to eat ramen all the time. I'm sure I wasn't alone in this...  I am glad I woke up to the reality and made steps towards a life where I keep my money as much as possible for my own benefit...

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