Monday, December 19, 2011

The portable heater

I am typing this in my little home tonight. Oh, what a good feeling it is to have a little fire... in my vehicle.
sounds strange and you'd think this was a dangerous thing, but I oddly feel at home with it now. 
The plastic smell that comes from it when it is new is mostly gone now. 
So all that's left is a nice warmth.
Having fun so far. So thanks to Tippy for suggesting this model. I had to buy one of those little handy lighters though to start the flame each time. It only cost a dollar so no worries!
good night, America. :)


  1. Oh thats great. Feels better when your not freezing!!

  2. In the morning I turn it on again so I can dress up in some warmth... although I have to stay close to it to feel the heat. I have to watch that I don't drape my pants over the burning surface... Made me think maybe I can heat a metal cup over it to heat some drinks... It is a fire, after all... I wonder....

  3. Be careful with that although Im sure there are people who have tried that.