Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life's curve balls

So here I am settling down to a long learning experience doing this van living thing. My portable heater just came in today. The solar panel (15 watts) came in 2 days ago. Of course, I still need a bunch of things to make the solar setup even work inside the van.

But life is ever changing and one thing this life has taught me is to be flexible in dealing with life's curve balls.

Because of family obligations, I may not be able to continue my van adventures for a while.
The money I was hoping to save up is now instead going to support my parents. (Dad just lost his benefit) So being that I am gonna support 2 households anyway, mine and my parents', it doesn't make sense to continue living in the van when I can move in with them for a while. (I am paying for it, I might as well partake in the benefits of a stick and brick once again) I'll be occupying my old room there from when I visited them in the past.
In this economic times of uncertainty, might as well consolidate the 2 and become one for a while till I can get more income going in.

Well, that's the latest but that ain't gonna come about till next year still.
So I got a month to enjoy my van... and this great experiment. Although the solar setup may have to wait now that things have changed somewhat... What's the use of having it if I am gonna abandon the project thirty days from now.... I may also have to leave the van in storage because my folks live overseas.

Plus side... I get to go to the land of my origin again and catch up with everyone there. And be with my folks. So it's still a good thing....
The independent living van experiment will be put on hold when that time comes...

Till then.... Let's live it up!


  1. Hey, Rod

    As John Wayne said, "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.".

    Myself, I've also got a dream of vandwelling and travel, but can't just yet because of obligations. Doesn't stop me from planning and learning all I can, and living for now experiencing the free life through the tales of others.

    Don't give up your dreams and don't stop planning your escape. Enjoy what you have for now, do what you have to do to honor your family responsibility for a time, and things will work out for the best.

    Good Luck and GodSpeed,

    Bob (aka stude53)

  2. Thanks Bob. Yep, although my van living will stop for a bit, I definitely will still be learning more and more for when I do return to my escape plan. It may be on pause, but it's not stopped. The more I learn, the more I will be ready when I plunge right back.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence.


  3. WoW I'll miss having you here. I enjoy your blog. Family always comes 1st. I don't have a family so do right by them and come back to start your adventure. Don't be a stranger and let us know whats going on.

  4. Hello Tippy!
    Oh don't worry. I won't be going anywhere. I'll still be blogging and keeping up with y'all. :) I will still be around to chime in every now and then. I will be bringing this laptop with me wherever I go so my presence online is usually seamless. Isn't that odd?

  5. Hey Tippy,
    Sorry to hear you don't have a family. I reckon the van forum can be your family. :) In some ways, the community we build around us is our family.

  6. Sounds so exciting to go see your family. I bet you are a hit with the younger sibs and cousins being a cartoon artist. My 20 yo daughter was in from school and stayed over last night, we were looking at and enjoying you other blog.

  7. Not so much as one would think. :) It just sounds exciting but I had my fifteen minutes of fame with the kids... Now they're all grown up and well... all concerned with how they go about getting acceptance in whatever social cliques they choose to want to belong... Kids seldom remain kids these days... they grow old too fast... They give up their wonderment all too fast and just settle for a long mundane life.

    I am glad you and your daughter enjoy reading the other blog. :) Which parts did you like the most?