Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting coooold!!!

Well, as expected, it is getting cold now.
I am touched when people ask me how I am doing in my new home this winter.
Well, it is cold. But no more colder than when I was in my apartment anyway. (did not use the centralized heating to save on electricity) So no different except a smaller space.

I have been remiss in getting a space heater. I keep forgetting in my busy schedule. Perhaps I will get one end of this week.

It is manageable, though. The cold is what I was waiting for. It sure beats sweltering, that's for sure. Nothing is more uncomfortable than sweating in your bed unable to sleep.

But the race is surely on to find a better vehicle by next summer. Either that, or I'll just get an apartment just for the summer months... We'll see...

Have a good week, all!


  1. I know what you mean about the cold versus heat. Cold you can add layers and well heat you really cant do much. Im planning on a dehumidifier. Adding a dryer vent(?) to the back and then a hose to the outside. We will see if it works. Its quieter than a AC and uses less power.
    Bundle up!!!

  2. I am on double layers of blankets. I guess it's time to bring out the third layer... :)

  3. OOOOH!!! The night of the 6th was freezing! (well, it is freezing temps) Amazing I slept through it but I did wake up several times in the night to adjust my blankets (slipping from my head, etc.). OK, that was bone chillingly cold. I feel like I achieved something having survived freezing temps in a van.
    Went to home depot today to look at a portable coleman heater, but dang... a canister is only good for 5 hours? Made me stop and think... and the whole thing costs $90. I wondered if that was the best option for me at the moment... hmmm... made me think especially since I seemed to do fine last night. It was chilly, but I did manage to sleep comfortably.
    I will reconsider again later on...

  4. My only gripe with the coleman heater is it doesn't have a thermostat which should regulate the heat and therefore the gas consumption... It affected my choice to hold off on it for now.