Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh wouldn't it be looovely!!!

All I want is a room somewhere... far away from the cold night air... in one enormous van oh woooudn't it be lovely?

That song is in my mind tonight as I curl up to sleep in my little home.
A little fire warming my feet and all that...
I cannot believe I am having the time of my life!
I just attended a party tonight and what a happy thought it was that my home was just a few steps away... I suffered a hang nail... no problem... run down to your home and get the nail clippers. :) Forgot anything? It's right there... at home... a few steps away.
Tonight I listen to the pitter patter of rain on my roof... It is very soothing to me. I have woken up to many magic mornings lately... Magic mornings are what I call waking up to a gentle rain and you curl up again to sleep...

oh it is lovely... loooovely.... lovely...


  1. Im jealous. I won't be for long though,to hear the rain on my roof. It sounds so pleasant and calming. It sounds actually like music to put you to sleep...and you don't have to tape it.
    Sounds like you have a life even while sleeping in the van...good for you!!!
    Hows the hang nail?

  2. It won't be long before you are in your vehicle as well. And it looks like you got a more comfy conversion going there! :)
    Yeah, the van size doesn't faze me one bit. It's the quality of my life outside that counts, anyway... what food I can enjoy... what places I am free to go to without having to ask for time off... that kind of freedom and choice cannot be bought by most low wage jobs... Many people make more money than me but are reduced to ramen in their roomy apartments. I vow never be like that again.
    The nail is doing well, thanks for asking. :)

    Although my finger tips ache today because I packed 2,000 meals for needy folks... that line is relentless! :)

    EAch time I attend a party, I am tempted to just leave in the morning, but my favorite parking area is too tempting to give up! :)
    My social life is the same even with this new setup. I just don't volunteer information I don't have to. Unfortunately, I have a couple of really gossipy friends who spread all the news that I live in a van! :)

  3. Rod- Unfortunately, I have a couple of really gossipy friends who spread all the news that I live in a van! :)
    They just want to be you!

  4. I guess they do! :)
    Have a good Christmas Holiday!