Thursday, December 15, 2011

Living it UP!!!

Today was a good day.
Got lots of work to do, but hey... there's always time for a little getaway in the middle of the day...

Met up with Steve from the van living forums for our second restaurant lunch.

This time, we both agreed to visit Chama Gaucha, this awesome Brazilian restaurant here in San Antonio.
This place is my Disneyland of steak. You won't go to any of those other places once you go to this one. For the price and the vast selection, (it's a steak buffet with an awesome salad bar) you can't beat the value. ($26 per head)

For those who aren't familiar, Brazilian steak is one of the best ways to enjoy a cooked cow.
You get your veggies from a great salad bar and then you sit down and enjoy your meal as dozens of waiters come to your table wielding large metal skewers. On them are all the cuts of steak you can have. They slice you off a section depending on your preference of doneness. It's always warm and they always come around to offer you more and more.

Cuts of rib eye, sirloin rubbed with garlic, top sirloin, rump cap (their house special), lamb chops (my favorite that goes well with their signature horseradish dip), lamb leg, bacon wrapped medallions... the selection is freaking awesome. Combine that with great ceasar salad, marinated mushrooms, 8 types of cheese including blocks of parmesan, grilled onions, bell peppers, 4 types of salsa, salami, prosciutto, steamed asparagus...
a fine time will be had by all... :)
This is what life is for! Good food, good company... Great conversation.

Just the sheer enjoyment of the moment.
I finished it all off with 4 cups of coffee and lots of creamer... great for digestion.

Skipping dinner tonight!

Cheers and good night to all.


  1. It's a wonderful treat. I usually go once every 2 or 3 months. This year I have gone a total of maybe 6 times so far. 2 in Queensland at the beginning of this year and 4 times here in Texas.

    To think you can just go to it and have any cut of steak you want... (I think the only ones they don't have are NY strip and Tbone... but then rib eye is the best cut anyway in my book)

  2. I'm going to remember that. I know there are a few Brazilian restaurants in Chicago that are really good. With all that meat I know where to start now.

  3. Chicago is sure to have lots of great restaurants. I never been so maybe one of these days...

  4. My meat coma was well underway by the time I got back to the office that day, and it lasted well into the night.

    Oh man I love Cafe Iberico in Chicago as well as the Weiners Circle!!!