Monday, December 12, 2011

Two and a half months

By now, it's become routine for me to end my day sleeping in my little home.
It's raining softly right now over the metal roof of my van.
Very peaceful and very quiet.
Vehicles pass by in the night, but I hardly hear them.
I hear the same thing when I was in my apartment. Plus I no longer hear any car alarms going off or rowdy neighbors slamming doors or coming home drunk. The silence is priceless. :)

I say good night to my fellow campers in these woods .... the little squirrels in their tree hollows and the raccoon which I know is there but I hardly see because he is so careful in his concealment.
I can barely wait to be on the road.
But it'll have to wait...
Other matters need attending to right now.
Busy with work and with life. :) Christmas is right around the corner.

Stay warm out there.

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